‘The Art of Swimming’ requires a strong and clear vision, a good body position, a correct set of drills, and a good supervision.

For the past several years Stefan Bill, Senior Total Immersion™ coach, has been working as the SBR Multi Sports Head Swim Coach in New York, where he taught phobic, recreational and competitive swimmers as well as beginners, all the way up to US Eastern Zone Competitor, UK Age Group Nationals Swimmer, professional triathlete and ex- US Olympic Pentathlete levels. Following his recent relocation to London, Stefan is now able to help improve the stroke of any athlete in the UK.

Stefan’s courses are designed to show each student how to be aligned properly and to master balance in the water to reduce drag; how to swim with the core and lengthen the stroke to maximize each single motion forward with the least amount of work and maximum efficiency.

Prior to joining the SBR staff, Stefan coached an age group swim team in Switzerland with great success, with most of his athletes placing in the top five at national competitions.  He was also was on the Total Immersion Europe GmbH weekend workshops coaching team in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 2002 to 2004 where he led the water sessions.  At these workshops he taught all levels and ages of swimmers including phobic, recreational and competitive swimmers as well as triathletes.

After he moved to the United States in 2005, Stefan began competing again, achieving the status of a United States Masters Swimmer All-American (USMS) in 2005 for the 400 Individual Medley and the status of a USMS Relay All-American in 2005 and 2006.  Stefan has won several medals at International Masters Events including IGLA (International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics) in 2005 and at the 2006 Chicago Gay Games.  In 2007, he finished second in the nation in the USMS 1-mile Open Water Championship.




In addition to his personal swimming accomplishments, Stefan has held Total Immersion Weekend workshops in New Paltz, New York, has organized Open Water Clinics in upstate New York, and helped swimmers of all ages and levels achieve their goals.

He has the ability to teach both an individual and efficient stroke to each athlete through his enthusiastic and passionate teaching style.

Even with his life-long training and swimming experience, he says, "When I jump in the water, all that I want to do is to improve my form and make my stroke even more efficient, so I am able to swim longer, stronger, and faster than ever before."

SBR Multisports offers 1-hour individual or group lessons coached by Stefan, as well as clinics, stroke evaluation, and video analysis using an on-site endless pool.

Please contact Stefan if you have any questions.  If you're ready, please feel free to schedule your swim lessons.